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Tuyển dụng T10/2023: Vị trí Middleware Engineer (Full-time)

28 Tháng 09, 2023
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 Top reasons to join us 

  • Global product & excellent team 
  • Focus on quality & personal growth 
  • Use cutting-edge & proven technologies 
  • Open environment with a focus on learning 

Job description 

We are seeking a dedicated Java software engineer to join our development team. Our technology stack mostly focuses on Java, NodeJS and modern web application frameworks like React/Angular/Vue. If you have a strong foundation in development and the ability to thrive in our fast-paced industry, we would love to talk to you! 

*What You’ll Be Doing

Your skills and experience 

*Must have* 

  • Solid fundamental knowledge with OOP concepts. 
  • Good understanding of common data structure and algorithms. 
  • 1+ year of working experience with modern API frameworks built on top of any programming language such as Java/Spring, C#/ASP.NET, Node/Express/Nest, Python/Django/Flask, Ruby/Rails, … 
  • 1+ year of working experience with any modern Database management system such as SQL/MySQL/Postgres/MariaDB… or NoSQL/Mongo/CassandraDB/… 
  • Good understanding of modern networking protocols used in a general IoT system such as HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, Zigbee, … 
  • Strong spirit of self-learning and self-improvement. 

*Nice to have* 

  • Knowledge about operation of a common IoT system 
  • Knowledge about Java/OSGi framework mechanism. 
  • Knowledge of database maintenance and design standards. 
  • Familiar with Unit Testing and Integration Testing. 
  • Familiar with Agile Process and Scrum methodologies 
  • Familiar with any of popular CI/CD tools (Jenkins/Github Actions/Bitbucket Pipeline, …) 
  • Familiar with tools for monitoring and managing Linux operating system 

Why you’ll love working here 

Who We Are 

With the desire to create a classy living space and comfort for every family, Aura is proud to bring the most advanced smart home solutions with innovative technologies from the United States and Germany. Aura’s solutions can be integrated with a variety of devices, optimizing connectivity, providing maximum convenience, and high security and energy savings. 

Our Core Values 

  1. Take full ownership of delivery 

We take ownership of our client projects and ensure that we deliver what we are in charge of to the best possible outcome. 

  1. Deliver our highest level of quality We take pride in the high quality that we deliver and work at a sustainable pace to ensure we can always deliver on that quality. 
  2. Stay consistent in plans and processes We keep open and transparent communication with our teammates and our client whilst following agile development practices. 
  3. Have empathy for all those we work with We show empathy and respect to all those we work with to gain a deeper understanding without any judgment or assumption. 
  4. Continuously improve and grow We aim high with a growth mindset and see every day as an opportunity to develop ourselves, our processes, and our products. 

Why You’ll Love Working With Us 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to fully invest in their product development and build solutions together for their target market. 

  • We fully invest in our team, we will help you build yourself up in any area you feel you need development, be it in English, learning a new design tool, developing your design thinking, and more. We want to make sure that you’re always learning and developing yourself whilst a part of our team. 
  • We respect both Product and Technology equally, ensuring all of the Products we work on have features with true market potential and ensuring all of the team contribute to, understand, and believe in what they are developing. 
  • We are very selective with our clients, we only work on awesome products we believe in and that show strong market potential. 
  • We respect you and your personal hours, we keep a sustainable pace by working standard 8 hour days from Monday to Friday, ensuring we only plan for what we can achieve. 
  • We are fully agile and only work with Clients who work the same, working with set sprint goals and working at our rate of velocity. 
  • You will have ownership over your role, giving you the opportunity to experiment and try new processes to better improve your day-to-day responsibilities. We are always open to improving our processes. 

Company Benefits 

  • Competitive Salary
  • Opportunity for career growth and professional advancement
  • On the job Training
  • Employee Appreciation Events

Where We Work 

HCMC Head Office 

130 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, TP. Hồ Chí Minh. 

0899 199 799 

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