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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home consisting of interconnected devices and systems (with or without internet connection) which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, wall panel or even voice control. A smart home has a brain of its own which allows it to connect and intelligently control devices in the house, saving you time from doing the manual day-to-day tasks.

How does a Smart Home work?

The way a smart home works is simple: The central virtual hub is usually a mobile or desktop app. All smart devices are often connected via wi-fi to your home network. These individual devices receive a different name when joined to the network, so you can easily identify every item to control them through your smartphone or other control devices. Once set up, all you have to do is to tap on your smartphone screen to control your devices. This can be done from anywhere in the home or nearby to the other side of the world via the internet.

How many devices should be installed in a smart home?

This depends on your specific needs. Aura provides some standard solution packages for you to choose from Security & Safety, Energy Saving, Entertainment, Smart Lifestyle, Intercom & Health Management. Each package includes specific devices to help you make your home smarter and your life easier. Our team of experts and technicians are always available to give you the most practical and economical ideas and advice to apply in your smart home.

How to set up a smart home?

Setting up a smart home is typically done via a mobile or web application. Most smart devices with some exceptions are plug-n-play. The setup usually consists of joining devices to the local Wi-Fi networks and assigning each device a name. The names of devices of the same kind must be different always. Once the setup is ready you can control your devices through any mobile device a few meters away from the other side of the world through the cloud.

Can I implement the device on my own? is it difficult to do?

Yes, you can do your own installation of smart devices in your home. However, there are a few things you should be aware of: Choose a hub that offers the most compatibility with the most number of devices. Avoid single protocol hubs that support limited devices. Although smart home technology is on the drastic rise in popularity, smart home companies and manufacturers still have a lot of challenges in smart device control centralization and product compatibility. Do your homework. There is a lot to know about making your home a smart home. We can help you make this happen without the hassle of DYI with our integrated smart system.

Can I upgrade an old home to a smart home?

Yes, if you own an older home, you can still benefit from smart home technology. Most smart devices connect wirelessly, so the crucial point will be coverage and connectivity. As long as you have Wi-Fi extenders or smart home-connected devices that create a mesh network, you can enjoy the benefits of home automation. We also have other smart devices like smart switches to convert your standard appliances to smart ones like smart sockets and curtain/ door motors.

Can my smart home work without wifi connection?

This is an important question to ask when purchasing a specific device. Some smart home solutions only offer internet-based functionality, while others offer app controls without the need for the Internet. For example, some cameras have an SD card, so they can continue recording even if the Internet has stopped working. Our system also doesn't require an internet connection as all data is store and logically processed by our local data center. Understand that your privacy and personal data should be protected, your data is kept within your wall.

What are the benefits of a Smart Home?

There is a long list of reasons to either convert your existing traditional home or purchase a new home with advanced automation technology. First and foremost are the Security and Safety features that range from 24/7 fire, Co2 and intrusion protection to energy management. Not to mention the convenience of total control over the functionality of your entire home from anywhere at any time. From lighting and climate control to entertainment and communications, Aura fully integrated solution gives you the protection and freedom to live a life that most only dream of.

How can Smart Home save your money?

Aura's Energy Saving system takes advantage of a powerful AI engine in conjunction with sensors located around your home that collect and analyze energy usage data. This data is processed and delivered back to you in a monthly report that breaks down how you use both water and electricity. The Aura system goes so far as to make helpful recommendations on how to be more efficient with your energy usage. Also, by automating curtains to allow or restrict natural lighting along with total thermostat control, you can leverage your ability to control how much energy your home uses day and night.

Can my smart home be hacked?

As most smart home devices are connected via the internet, there is the possibility of data breaches and hacking. This is (understandably) a big concern for many customers. The most important step for securing your smart home is the same thing you would do for a router or printer which is setting up strong, unique passwords. Some devices come with default usernames and passwords. Typically a username of admin and/or a simple password like 123. We strongly recommend against using these devices as they are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. However, should you end up with one of these devices, we recommend changing the password immediately.

Should I build a smart home versus a traditional home?

This is the first question you will understandably ask yourself. Once you've discovered all the incredible, life-changing benefits that a Smart Home will bring to your life, the answer will become quite obvious. As with any new developing technology, the biggest consideration may be the additional costs associated with building a Smart Home. However, we think that the benefits provided by Smart Home living end up paying for themselves in the long run. Think about these questions: 1. Would you like a more comfortable life? 2. Would you like to have a more secure home for you and your family? 3. Would you like to save money on your monthly electric bill? 4. Would you like to have full control of your appliances and almost every aspect of your home?

Does smart home technology work in business office?

Automation lifts repetitive tasks off your shoulders and makes life easier for you. We also apply automation to office buildings to turn offices to smarter, safer and more environmental-friendly environments. Our Smart Building Solutions will ensure offices run smoothly and most accommodating to the people who work in them. Forget stickers to remind people to turn off the lights and worried about saving energy, our system will save you time and money by automating lighting, shading, water, security access control, controlling temperature, air quality and optimizing the energy consumption and office management at the most efficient level with AI technology.

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