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Let Aura provide you a seamless means of communication with your family

Aura will notify you when a visitor comes to your home and also assist you in chatting with that guest even when you're away from home through its smart doorbell device. The intelligent intercom system will also help you connect better with family members, especially when you are away from home.

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v3_solution_detail_icon_intercom_01 Internal communication
v3_solution_detail_icon_intercom_02 Multimedia communication

Maintain a seamless connection with your family from room to room

Through the touch control panel located in each room, you can easily communicate with your family members; Call people to the dinner table, check on, and remind your kids' learning.


Enjoy crisp HD video, audio announcement, group video and notification across devices

Not only making regular phone calls, Aura's Intercom system can also make video calls, use voice messages under many contexts and behaviors of homeowners. The device is easy to use and manipulate for both children and the elderly.


Overview of smart home solutions

Aura solution allows you to easily control any device in your home via a mobile app or voice command, keeping your home safe through a system of hazard detection and warning sensors. We aim to provide you with a modern, comfortable and safe living experience.

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