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Pay close attention to your health and those in your family

As we get busier than ever before, health monitoring can be sometimes lacking. Aura Smart Health is vital for families with elders, children, and those members of the home with disabilities. Besides delivering daily health reports varying from weight control, blood pressure, heart rate, etc., Aura’s sophisticated AI also uses past data to predict health risks, give recommendations and send notifications to you if there’s any health complication happen to your loved ones.

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v3_solution_detail_icon_security_05 FALL DETECTION
v3_solution_detail_icon_health_02 SAFE LIVING ENVIRONMENT
v3_solution_detail_icon_health_03 CHILDREN MANAGEMENT
v3_solution_detail_icon_health_01 HEALTH INFORMATION TRACKING

Fall detection sensor with radar technology

When the fall sensor detects that your loved one at home falls, the system will immediately send a phone notification to help you handle the situation promptly and quickly..


Safe living environment

Our network of smart indoor sensors measures the air quality in your home (CO2 level, temperature, humidity) and continuously updates them to the Aura app installed on smartphones.


Record children's time using electronic devices

Aura's system can recognize when children are using electronic devices and when they are sleeping. From there, the system will synthesize information and send a report to parents.


Physical control and analysis

Our AI system will collect health information, daily living habits of users and make predictions about potential health risks.


Overview of smart home solutions

Aura solution allows you to easily control any device in your home via a mobile app or voice command, keeping your home safe through a system of hazard detection and warning sensors. We aim to provide you with a modern, comfortable and safe living experience.

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